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Monsoon Music Monday

I hope you haven’t been living underneath a rock but if you have, please allow me to introduce you to Monsoon. If you’ve heard of Monsoon, consider this a fawning post because I love this band so much. Essential things to know about the band The members are very young, like barely out of high […]

In An Aeroplane On Avery Island

Rejoice all ye Neutral Milk Hotel fans! Your prayers to St. Mangum have been answered! Your pleas for an audiophile copy of the beloved On Avery Island and In An Aeroplane Over the Sea have been heard by Merge Records. Verily, I beseech you dear brothers and sisters of the Elephant Six, at least cast […]

One, But Not the Same

My thoughts the past few days have been occupied by a certain sunglassed frontman, his skull-cap wearing guitarist, their hot as hell drummer, and their classy bassist. U2 hits Atlanta tonight, marking almost four years since I last (and first!) saw the band live. It was the night before my birthday and the tickets were […]

Shameless Fawning Over: Bill Mallonee

It began when I first heard “Nothing Like a Train.” I had pulled the Vigilantes of Love disc off the WUOG wall one Tuesday night at random, amused at the band name. I was still heavily on my punk/art rock kick at that point, scorning most country-esque music since it had haunted my past so […]

Poster Torn..

It’s been 27 years since it came out but R.E.M.’s “Chronic Town” EP still sounds as timeless as ever. It’s a howling, haunting, hell of a debut for a band. I came to the EP as many others my age have, through the collection Dead Letter Office. On cd. I finally emptied my pockets for […]

Vacation All I Ever Wanted..

So I’m not currently in Athens at the moment. While this does afford me a rare opportunity to sleep, it also presents a few challenges. Like Internet connection. And current material. Thank goodness for my buddies back in Athenstown who’ve been calling me and keeping me up to date. On the Modern Skirts front, we’ve […]

Coming Up (and Happy Birthday)

Yup. Happy Birthday Mr. Downs. And now back to our regularly scheduled update on schedules. It’s summertime and though the livin’ ain’t always easy, it does slow down any music news for a while. But we’re keeping you updated as best as we can. So here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the […]

Dispatches from Athfest, Day 3, Saturday

My first ever, honest to god, media pass. Shiny! I woke up with my leg catacorner to the rest of my body and my earbuds threatening to strangle me. I had thought that Thursday/Friday night was bad. Oh ho ho was I ever wrong. The running back and forth all night had taken its toll […]

30 Years of Normaltown Flyers

(Photo/Jordan Stepp) When I was offered the chance to help Wes Delk at the Normaltown Flyer’s 30th anniversary show, I jumped right at it. The Flyers have been an integral part of the Athens music scene since before the beginning. These are the kinds of things I had read about in “Party Out of Bounds,” […]

Get Outta Town: Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 in ATL

ALL PHOTOS BY SOFIA PEREA As I anxiously paced the floor of my room, wondering when my ride would arrive, I listened to my vinyl copy of Robyn Hitchcock’s Ole! Tarantula. I blame my boss for getting me hooked and JJ for letting me buy it. I’ve played around with Hitchcock’s music before but it […]