Hey You! Play Athfest 2010!

Dead Confederate and Manchester Orchestra play in a dumpster at Athfest (2009/Jordan Stepp)Athfest. How I love thee. Thy massive, heaving throngs of humanity. The grim determination of the second stage bands. The near avoidance of heat strokes and heart attacks. The blessed, blessed music..I was beyond thrilled to get to cover the festival last year … Continue reading Hey You! Play Athfest 2010!

Your Athfest: Ziona

You've been reading about my friend Ziona, a regular graphics/photography contributor here on AthensMusicJunkie. We met through an R.E.M. fansite called Murmurs.com. Here's Athfest's musicians through her eyes. Dreams So Real's Trent AllenDead Confederate/Manchester Orchestra. Magnificent DumpsterFlash to Bang TimeLiz DurrettModern SkirtsRandall BramblettVenice Is Sinking