The AthensMusicJunkie Fall Playlist

Congrats to Matt M. for winning our Monday contest. Epic playlist is epic. Cd's in the mail dude. As for us, we made our own little local version of an Autumn playlist. Well, the ones that were on Youtube anyway.Fall to me always meant a little bit of sleepiness, a bit of relaxation, and just … Continue reading The AthensMusicJunkie Fall Playlist


Where’s Waldo? And Michael. And Jojo…

One of the great parts of the Athens music scene is how connected all these seemingly different bands are. For proof, look no further than their music videos. With all this local talent at your disposal, why not grab some friends and put 'em in your video, right?We'll start off with of Montreal's new video … Continue reading Where’s Waldo? And Michael. And Jojo…

This Just In: The Internet Sucks. Except Youtube.

Or at least it does here in Hometown. Sheesh. Today's real post will be up around 10 a.m.ish. I'm typing this on my grandmother's computer about twenty minutes away from my house so I'm pretty limited as to what I can do right now. Hopefully, my intarwebs will be fixed soon. Until then, we turn … Continue reading This Just In: The Internet Sucks. Except Youtube.

B Thankful

 (Photo/Ziona Kocher)I saw this article yesterday where Keith Strickland of the B-52s talks about how making Cosmic Thing helped the band cope with the death of Ricky Wilson. Wow.Usually, we think of records being cathartic for us, the listeners. Sometimes when there's a really emotionally charged slow song (think R.E.M.'s "Let Me In") we attribute … Continue reading B Thankful