Sunrise by Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson has put together quite the group of musicians for her album, many of them familiar faces around Athens. The resulting meeting of minds has grown from a one time project into a full fledged album and this lovely teaser EP. Sunrise - This lovely, delicate groove will make you long for a nice … Continue reading Sunrise by Cindy Wilson


Sonderlust by Kishi Bashi

I often worry a bit when someone local hits their third album. It's a tricky point for any artist when they've found an audience and tapped into an approachable sound but they need to grow on their own terms. Will your audience follow or will you fall out of favor?  Sonderlust proves that Kishi Bashi … Continue reading Sonderlust by Kishi Bashi

Athens Music News Roundup: October

R.E.M.'s Mike Mills will be performing his concerto for violin, rock band, and string orchestra at the Performing Arts Center on the 24th at 8 p.m. Tickets are $67-$77. You can read more about it from the AJC here. It's almost time for WUOG's annual "Birth-o'ween" celebration and the station is looking for submissions for … Continue reading Athens Music News Roundup: October

A Little Story About A Story

Back when I had the energy and resources to update AMJ every day, I was constantly flipping through a very old copy of Party Out of Bounds, trying to construct memories of things I've never known, trying to put across the same feeling the book conveys: place, time, youth. I was working three jobs and … Continue reading A Little Story About A Story