If you haven’t read Gordon Lamb’s 2016 in Review, then I’d highly recommend taking a gander. Yes, his tongue is lodged firmly in cheek but if you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll see that he’s calling out some of the behavior we’d really like to sweep under the rug. July’s entry is particularly brutal and […]

Since it’s the first real Monday of the month, I thought I’d do something a bit different and let you know of the shows I’m really looking forward to this month. January is always a bit of a mixed bag as far as shows. You can thank the cold (it will be cold, right?) weather […]

I’m only a few minutes into the new year when I’ve decided I’ve had enough of humanity for the night and I should probably go home before I become what is affectionally known as a “major fucking buzzkill.” My tolerance for the drunken antics of overgrown toddlers has definitely waned over the years, though to […]

Alex Young is between sips of red wine when Jeff Montgomery comes by to give the director of R.E.M. by MTV an update on the screening happening twenty feet to his right behind a large, blue door. Young and his editor Dave Leopold are sitting together at a small table in Cine, prepping for a […]

Ah, May is just a few days away. Soon the students will be gone, the sun will be shining, and we’ll all be able to get around town without traffic clogging up College Station Road every day. Now, on to the NEWS! Kishi Bashi‘s Lighght is streaming in full at NPR. The album is out […]

Hey gang, We’ll be back the week of April 28th. We’re taking a short break to get some non bloggy related things settled. Also, we’re getting a lot of spam in the comments so I’m tweaking those. 😀 See ya soon! Jordan

TONIGHT New Earth 8 p.m. Project Safe Benefit Gro/Conscious Carl Lindberg WEDNESDAY Green Room 8:30 p.m. $3 Erin Lovett Bloom Walker Howle THURSDAY Flicker Theatre 9 p.m. $5 Little Gold Shehehe The Atom Age Tongues FRIDAY The World Famous 9 p.m. Muuy Bien Odonis Odonis Vincas Gorgeous SATURDAY 40 Watt 9 p.m. $16 The Whigs […]

The one piece of advice people love to hammer home whether you’re looking for a job, a partner, or an investor is NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. It seems a little, well, not artistic, doesn’t it? Artists don’t really like to dip their hands into the business end of the music business pool but there’s a reason […]

Ladies and Gentle Fuzzies!! We are so glad to be able to bring you the first listen of The Warm Fuzzies‘ latest album Extinction! If you like power-pop, harmonies, and upbeat songs, it’s all here! I’m personally really fond of “Video Games” and “Next Best Thing.” Be sure to pick it up April 15th or […]

We are unabashed fans of Sam Sniper.  So I was so happy to get an email from S.S. and see a show on the Georgia Theatre roof  on April 22 on the schedule. But best was the video attached: a trippy, raw-rocking number called “Nothing is Wrong” complete with Claymation. I’m always impressed by animated […]